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Part Exchange of your House – How it Works

Selling a house is one of the more complex tasks out there, with uncertainty at every corner. It is an indisputable fact that selling a house is quite difficult as one does not only have to get a property valuation, but they have to wait for a buyer that can make a satisfactory offer – a time-consuming process, which is why people are opting for part-exchange schemes rather than waiting for a potential suitor.

What exactly is a Part Exchange scheme?

Part exchange scheme is not a new concept. In this scheme, you basically trade your house against a new property you are looking to purchase. The existing house serves as part payment for your purchase.


Here are several advantages of opting for part-exchange schemes:

  • Guaranteed sale of the existing property if one opts for part exchange scheme
  • One can avoid the estate agent fee, which could range anywhere between 1 to 3 per cent
  • A speedy procedure that helps the property owner avoid the hassle of dealing with potential buyers

Eaton House Buyers – the premier destination for part-exchange in the UK

Part exchange schemes to buy new build properties typically work as follows. (However, do check with the developer in question, as schemes may vary in detail).

Part exchange is an extremely simple process, but one needs a reliable partner to help them along the way, and for that Eaton House Buyers is the companion you have been looking for all along. Already scouted the property you want to buy? Then you could leave the rest to us as we will handle everything from then on and offer you a fair price on your existing property.

You can easily get your dream home without making a hole in your pocket with part exchange schemes. You can check out the website for more options available to suit your preferences. Now, stay tuned with us and get satisfactory offers right away.


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