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House Sale Fallen Through? How to Fix it

Have you ever been a victim of a house deal falling deal at the very last moment? Every house seller has a story of broken house chains because of reasons that were not entirely in their control. There are several moving pieces in purchasing and selling property in a chain, which is quite a lengthy process, and even a single miscalculation could doom the whole deal.

Here are some of the more common reasons for a broken house chain

  • Inability to get the mortgage in time by someone part of the chain
  • An unfortunate incident like someone losing their job and suddenly being unable to afford the house in question
  • The buyer changing their mind at the very last moment, while rare does happen and is one of the more common reasons for broken house chain
  • A simple filing error like a missing signature could cause the whole deal to go down
  • Broken house chain at the time of survey with the buyer unhappy with the state of the property
  • And lastly, simply due to the buyer reducing their offer at the very last minute, also known as Gazundering

What to do in such a situation?

You can easily ensure that you receive a fair price on the property by making use of our quick house buy services. Eaton House Buyers guarantees the purchase of your house within 28 days of you listing your property to us. This would not help you not only avoid the issue of a broken house chain but would get you a fair price for your property.

Eaton House Buyers will surely help you get a broken house repaired and turn it into a better place to live. The experts will surely help you throughout the process.


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