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Selling a House after Divorce – The Ultimate Guide

Selling a house is already a tough task, but its complexity is compounded when the house is jointly owned and both parties want to sell it after the divorce. But this could become even more difficult if an amicable cannot be reached between both parties.

What to do if such a situation occurs?

The only recourse in such a situation is to go to the courts for an arrangement. The court could decide how the property has to be divided and which party would receive what portion in case the property is sold. Second, there is a thing caller Mesher orders, that defer the sale of the property till the youngest child turns 17 or 18, and then the proceeds are divided as per the court order. Until then, both parties would remain under the mortgage agreement.

It is a common assumption that a jointly owned house gets divided 50:50 between both parties, but that is not automatic and depends on the court’s judgement. One should also note that if one part-owner leaves the house to give some space in the separation cases, they do not lose their rights over their property.

The best solution for selling a house after divorce

One can easily sell their house to a regulated buying company and save themselves from the hassle. And Hilton House Buyers is one such company that can help. We strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free and quick house purchase process to not worry over what would already be a trying time for them.

We also make sure you don’t have to feel insecure while selling a property after divorce. In fact, we always focus on giving you the best solutions when you want to sell your house after divorce.


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