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Selling a House with Sitting Tenants – The Ultimate Guide

Selling a house with sitting tenants could be tricky as any miscalculation on your part, violating the rights of the tenant, could easily result in you getting sued by your tenant.

Tenants’ Rights you should be aware of

As a landlord, you must be aware of the rights of your tenants. Here are some of the essential ones involving the sale of your property

  • Need to notify the tenants about a potential buyer visiting the property at least 24 hours in advance
  • If the tenant has an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, then they need a valid Section 21 notice to vacate the property with a minimum 2 months’ notice period to find accommodation (which in lieu of COVID pandemic has been extended to 4 months)
  • The tenant can reject the right of visitation by a potential buyer on account of ill health or any other pressing issue.

How to sell your sitting tenant house?

There are several ways an owner can sell their sitting tenant house.

  • Estate agent sale
  • Selling the property at an auction
  • Selling directly to a company that buys tenanted properties.

All of these options have benefits as well as downsides. But if you are looking to sell your tenanted property quickly and without the hassle of negotiation with the potential buyer, then selling directly to a company that buys such properties are the way to go, and luckily for you, Eaton House Buyers is one such company.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to get a quick offer from our side within 24 hours. We help you get a fair price for selling your property and ensure you don’t get through any mess. All you need is to connect with our team and let them help you get a good quote.


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